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About us

The Department of Mathematics was established in 1998, based on mathematics teaching and research divisions in the Department of Economic Information Management (EIM) – the first IT institution found in China (May 1978).

The Department of Mathematics is focusing on conducting applied and theoretical research in the areas of mathematics, economics and other related disciplines, aiming at the applications of mathematics in economics, finance, and other related social sciences subjects.

Back to 1978, at the year when the former Department of Economic Information was established, faculty members in the mathematics division had already published numerous academic papers in mathematics and applied mathematics. By using modern mathematical theories and methods, and cutting edge information technology, they accomplished remarkable achievements in the research areas of macroeconomics, microeconomics, and mathematical and quantitative theory of management.

Since 1960s, Prof. Wei Quanling and his following scholars have taken on special research in mathematical programming, multi-objectives programming, multi-objectives decision-making, data envelopment analysis (DEA), game theory, analysis of APH and stochastic operation. In addition to many monographs and teaching materials, they have published numerous academic papers, which have been highly praised by their counterparts both at local and abroad. Many of these researchers are playing important roles in their research areas; lots young staff in this department have also acquired significant achievements.

Benefits from the knowledge in mathematics, the Department of Economic Information Management is one of the earliest and leading academic institution in China in the research of insurance actuary, modern investment theory and financial theory, since 1991. The department is taking the lead in China from 1997 in the research of experimental economics and successfully developed the economics experimental system based on network. The Department of Mathematics has achieved reputation in its study and research of macroeconomics increasing theory, quantitative economics, auctions, game theory and information economics, financial theory, demonstrate finance, and the application of nonlinear theory in economics and finance. Recently the department has made a considerable progress in pure mathematics and gotten nice research results in Complex analysis, Operator Algebra, Geometric analysis and Harmonic analysis, Analysis on fractals and graphs, dynamic system and Algebra as well as in applied mathematics such as computational mathematics and biological mathematics.

The Department of Mathematics has undertaken numerous projects of the National Science Foundation of China, the Social Science Foundation of China and handful amount of provinces foundations. These researches have won awards conferred by the Ministry of Education and other ministries. Faculty members of department have published numerous papers on well-known international academic journals.

The department interested in fostering multi-skilled talents with solid mathematics foundation, mastery IT skills and excellent mathematical modeling ability in economics and management. Since 1998, the mathematics program in the department has been intergraded with a series of economics courses in its courses for graduate student, i.e. advanced macroeconomics, advanced microeconomics, advanced quantitative economics, advanced financial theory, game theory, optimization theory and method, dynamic optimization and control, time series analysis, financial econometrics, advanced probability, financial risk management, stochastic process etc. The Department of Mathematics emphasizes on providing more fundamental knowledge to its students, and offers students more freedom in choosing their research areas and topics to fulfill various demands. We make these courses more attractive, even to economic and finance students. From these courses, students can learn the necessary knowledge to pursuit better opportunity in their career. As a part of the cooperation between the School of Economics, School of Finance and Information Technology, the Department of Mathematics has introduced new sandwich program with economics and mathematics combined degree and finance and mathematics combined degree to motivate the development of applied mathematics, operation and control theory, and to strengthen the research in mathematical & quantitative theory and, more importantly, contributing the Renmin University to a modern globalize institution.


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